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He was naked all to his breech-cloth and leggins; and you never seed a creatur’ so handsomely painted.
Yates, having never been with those who thought much of parental claims, or family confidence, could not perceive that anything of the kind was necessary; and therefore, thanking them, said, "he preferred remaining where he was, that he might pay his respects to the old gentleman handsomely since he was come; and besides, he did not think it would be fair by the others to have everybody run away.
If a man would cross a business, that he doubts some other would handsomely and effectually move, let him pretend to wish it well, and move it himself in such sort as may foil it.
Soon in came buyers, who paid him handsomely for his goods, so that he bought leather enough for four pair more.
In fact I'm bound to say she's been treated pretty handsomely all round.
At last Sir Thomas Doodle has not only condescended to come in, but has done it handsomely, bringing in with him all his nephews, all his male cousins, and all his brothers-in-law.
She was here shown successively into three large bed-chambers, with their dressing-rooms, most completely and handsomely fitted up; everything that money and taste could do, to give comfort and elegance to apartments, had been bestowed on these; and, being furnished within the last five years, they were perfect in all that would be generally pleasing, and wanting in all that could give pleasure to Catherine.
Every street in Horta is handsomely paved with the heavy Russ blocks, and the surface is neat and true as a floor--not marred by holes like Broadway.
The stranger was left in a handsomely furnished waiting room while the soldier went to announce him.
In a handsomely appointed room of one of the largest hotels in London a man was sitting at the head of a table strewn with blotting-paper and writing materials of every description.
He glanced around the plain but handsomely furnished office, a room which betrayed so few evidences of the world-flung power of its owner.
Three men were together in a large and handsomely furnished sitting room of the Clarence Hotel, in Piccadilly.