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Losing to West Indies handsomely in their World Cup opener match disappointed Pakistani fans across the globe but this win must have boosted the confidence of Pakistan team and their fans.
Based on two emotionally raw memoirs - Beautiful Boy by David Sheff and Tweak by his son Nic - the handsomely crafted film is a sobering account of one family's battle of attrition with a demon that sinks its jaws into a prodigal child and refuses to let go.
Anarchy has rarely seemed a more sedate business than it does in "The Anarchists," a handsomely mounted, even more handsomely cast costumer for which a few anachronistic song choices rep the full extent of its radicalism.
Hibs paid a modest PS6000 to secure the services of Neil Martin from Queen of the South in 1963 - and he repaid them handsomely. The big striker just couldn't stop scoring and helped himself to an impressive 53 league goals in 65 games.
Ms Sandbach says she's "fully focused on gaining the support of members of Eddisbury Conservatives" - what about the job she's paid handsomely to do?
The switch has paid off handsomely, with Van Persie landing both the championship and the Golden Boot.
The IPL rewards cricketers quite handsomely, some of them are paid over handsomely.
This follow-up, their sixth album, capitalises on it handsomely - the highlight of their 14-year career.
Banking and football managers are probably the only professions where you make a mess of your job and you are handsomely compensated, the rest of us get nowt!
The home sides decision to go with an all-pace attack paid off handsomely, as they bowled out their beleaguered opponents for 161 at the WACA.
am i the only reader who is now tired of reading letters from the gresham labour councillor sajaad khan, who is constantly praising high ranking council officials, who i may add, are paid handsomely for their job?
investment in the Human Genome Project (HGP) paid off handsomely. The $3.8 billion the U.S.