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Both the English and Americans seem to me handsomer, as a whole, than my own countrywomen." Now, nothing could be sweeter, or softer, or gentler, than the voice that made this great concession--for great it certainly was, as coming from a woman.
"No, it is not handsomer, not at all handsomer in its way, and, for my purpose, not half so fit.
Everything that was handsome seemed ten times handsomer and less attractive in the glaring splendor; and everything that was ugly seemed ten times uglier, and everything was either handsome or ugly.
But, conscious that she herself had grown handsomer, and that Dolly's eyes were telling her so, she sighed and began to speak about herself.
First, I was apparently handsomer than any of them; secondly, I was better shaped; and, thirdly, I sang better, by which I mean I had a better voice; in all which you will, I hope, allow me to say, I do not speak my own conceit of myself, but the opinion of all that knew the family.
'Well,' says the younger brother, 'but your neighbours, as you call them, may be even with you, for beauty will steal a husband sometimes in spite of money, and when the maid chances to be handsomer than the mistress, she oftentimes makes as good a market, and rides in a coach before her.'
Marianne was still handsomer. Her form, though not so correct as her sister's, in having the advantage of height, was more striking; and her face was so lovely, that when in the common cant of praise, she was called a beautiful girl, truth was less violently outraged than usually happens.
The Prince was not completely roused, but he opened his eyes a little and looked all the handsomer.
She regrets not being "handsomer," with "rosy cheeks," a "straight nose" a "cherry mouth" and a "tall, stately, and finely developed figure." She confesses to feeling unfortunate that "I was so little, so pale, and had features so irregular and so marked.
Larry Rose and Johnson meet after a memorial service for a mutual friend, dead of AIDS--death providing "humus for love." While Larry is smitten straight off, Johnson, frankly ambitious for a bigger (richer, smarter, handsomer) catch from the sea of love, plays it decidedly cool.
I wou'd have call'd you Sapho, but that I hear you are handsomer."(2)
"I am sure that you hav for another life.' I replied that I had, naturally, but that that had no more importance that wishin rich, to swim very fast or to have a handsomer mouth.