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Digital communication has made human interaction far less personal and more static as people have become accustomed to sending emails and text messages instead of personal, handwritten notes to friends, family members, and business partners," says Eloise Bune, founder and CEO of Gracious Eloise.
Handwriting Dato and Handwrite Note Free, for example, are designed to store and catalog handwritten notes.
Having 10 million camera phones shipped in major markets, that offer the choice of sending handwritten messages instead of text or a simple photograph, is a very strong validation of our early vision", said BenoE't Bergeret, co-founder and CEO of Realeyes3D.
There also are more standardized achievement and admissions tests requiring a handwritten essay, a development that should scare some students into more legible handwriting.
The purpose of National Handwriting Day is to alert the public to the importance of handwriting, stress the benefits of handwritten communication, promote good penmanship and encourage legible handwriting.
Vision Objects' mission is to develop and market accurate and high performance Handwriting Recognition & Understanding software for any platform using handwritten data entry through pen-based user interfaces such as Digital Pens, PDAs, Tablet PCs and Smartphones.
When they get back to the PC, it all just happens automatically -- their handwritten meeting notes are instantly synchronized with their productivity applications.
Nasdaq:MSFT) to provide laptop and desktop PC users the ability to take or upload handwritten notes directly into Microsoft(R) Office OneNote(R) 2003.
A handwritten note is still the most personal way to convey your message.
Decuma's handwriting recognition technology creates a new concept for handwritten text input that is modelled closely to actual writing with pen on paper.
While e-mail may facilitate rapid communication, handwritten correspondence is unsurpassed at demonstrating the writer's attention to detail and respect for the recipient.
2 provides recognition on handwritten and printed checks in five languages and 19 country-specific versions.