hang around

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Motivations to visit amusement arcades included: to meet friends or hang around (58 percent), play the machines (56 percent), to watch others play (38 percent), out of boredom (30 percent), and to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol (6 percent).
For whatever reason, today's kids simply don't have what a friend of mine calls" dink time" - time to hang around the yard doing nothing.
Of course, the services would have to institute a bonus system to ease out officers who have already put in 12 to 20 years with the expectation of reaching full retirement; that would still be cheaper than paying these men and women to hang around until they get there (and then paying them not to hang around when they do).
1 : to hang around somewhere for no good reason <Loitering outside the store is prohibited.
The group takes its name, Spar Posse on Tour, from the shop the youngsters used to hang around.
I have seen children hang around off-licences and they have nothing to do.