hang around

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When there was plenty of light for the fish to see one another, females from all three locations tended to hang around more with the larger male.
If you hang around a very cliche Los Angeles person: "LA's the greatest city in the whole world.
but they get stuck and hang around in the frontier cities making trouble, sleeping in the streets with no money.
Saunders added that "Edina would love to hang around gay people.
He recalled: "I felt like it was Kenny's art camp, because all these kids from Avenue A would hang around watching me work.
The law is designed to combat the kind of rowdy, intimidating and criminal behaviour that can result when drunken groups hang around.
Didn't he say then that ``Hispanics smoke, drink and just hang around .
Chester Morrison, Liverpool's principal youth officer, said: ``These centres will keep children safe and provide a place for them to hang around.
POLICE ARE cracking down this summer on youths who hang around a shopping area intimidating residents and retailers.
Yet they often hang around, feeding from the maternal web, occasionally even mating there.
Besides, if you hang around any longer, your prose may suffer irreparable damage.