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Hazel Blears is now fighting to hang onto her seat after being forced to resign as Community Secretary following the expenses scandal.
This anion is larger than most of the 144 previously known interstellar molecules, which helps it hang onto its extra electron.
Part game, part sport, part quasi-religious experience, it is an event fed directly into the global collective conscious via virtual reality chairs occupied by the enthralled billions of the world, young and old alike, who hang onto it as if for dear life.
The late Johnny Carson once said of his fellow Americans, "We give immigrants some thing to hang onto.
After a business meeting in the World Trade Center on September 11 abruptly ends Schell's life, Oskar, desperate to hang onto his dad and assuage his own pain, devises a strange quest that sends him hunting across the City's five boroughs for two years, searching for clues to his father's last moments.
NovaStor CEO Peter Means says, "Online data storage brings true disaster recovery protection to small businesses for the first time and gives service providers the compelling differentiated service they're always looking for to help hang onto customers.
Cafeteria debit cards work just like the ones adults use--except teachers usually hang onto them until lunch time and parents add to each card's balance by logging onto sites such as http://www.
The road to an enforceable Children's Internet Protection Act has been a long one, but for public libraries, the road to compliance--and a chance to hang onto federal funds--starts now.
But hang onto that section so you can follow up with the events come June.
Britain were once more unable to hang onto a winning lead as Australia scored two tries in the last three minutes to snatch a dramatic victory which completes the first Ashes Series whitewash for 17 years.
The victim attempted to hang onto the handbag but let go when she thought she would be dragged into the road.
How many of us have been tempted to fudge our tax returns, travel without a ticket or to hang onto change we have been given in error?