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I am the spine the mountains hang upon! I am the tears the rivers cry!
For well-read Qing specialists more familiar with these events, however, judgment will hang upon their evaluation of Wang's efforts to "reconceptualize" such details into broader theoretical claims.
Kingsley, Frost and d-up Presumably Ben Kingsley, Toni Collette, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg topped-up their credits to the tune of thousands but you, on the other hand, are advised to hang upon this week's second-most excruciating film after Pride (see right).
The black and white digital prints in the show hang upon a common thread exploring not the object itself but its shadow within the context of the street and built environment.
The teachers would also feel that his work was to be examined, that he was to report to his employers the success with which he had labored, that each parent, at least would mark the proficiency which his own children had made, thus the progress of every individual scholar would be noticed and his reputation as a teacher would hang upon the issue.