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I have to be the smartest person right now,'' Watson said, sporting a hangdog expression that made it clear he was mortified by his three-assist, eight-turnover performance.
Pet experts say the lethargic, hangdog look of the Presidential hound says it all.
Hangdog Paul Giamatti lends his droopy features to a disappointing recession drama.
Hyde Pierce comes on like a suspicious, skinny pit bull with a hangdog countenance, flinching with every drum-syncopated slap to the head he receives.
Pet experts say the hangdog look of the presidential hound says it all.
Macdonald still can't act, but the hangdog, who's-fooling-who sloppiness of his presence makes for a great joke all its own, and the one-liners generally have a cynical bite.
The public hangdog faces of Fergie and Martin Edwards were cleverly intended to back up the club's official line of "Oh, we didn't really want to but the FA made us because of the World Cup bid".
Old Hangdog Pete Sampras took a 75-minute stroll on Centre Court and by the time he returned to his hideaway Black was shell-shocked.
The art world's idea of a great designer is the Frenchman Philippe Starck,'' whose interiors, says Wolfe, look like backdrops for male models, ``the ones with the eight-day growth of beard, the hangdog slouch and the glum look of a recovering codeine addict who just flunked out of his 12-step program.
Hangdog Pete swept Todd Woodbridge aside with contemptuous ease yesterday as he moved ominously closer to a fourth Wimbledon crown.
JUNIOR the bloodhound has lost his hangdog expression - after an pounds 8,000 facelift.
The latter is played by Jacob Reynolds, whose odd hangdog face has a precocious gravitas and who is one of the few performers here to emerge unscathed.