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I'm sure improvements in techniques have been made since I did this in the late 1960s, but basically once the mammalian culture medium with an antibiotic was diluted to amphibian tonicity with sterile distilled water, a small piece of lung from an adult or late embryo frog or salamander was placed on a culture coverslip (explant method of obtaining cells--no enzymes needed for cell separation), which was then configured in a hanging drop technique with a larger coverslip covering the relatively large depression in a Romicon or Maximow slide.
Outside-half Shaun Connor booted a high and hanging drop goal between the posts before Glasgow had full-back Bernardo Stortoni sin-binned when he deliberately knocked-on as the Ospreys mounted a quick attack past the Scottish region's 22.
phaseolina was introduced into soybean stems by puncturing a hanging drop from a prepared sclerotial suspension or by adding a cornmeal/sand culture mixture into potting soil prior to planting soybean in a greenhouse.