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Man Ray has no new critical apparatus, and while few hanker for the turgid ramblings that often accompany such books, it's hard to believe that nothing a little fresher than reprints of two brief essays by Breton and statements by Man Ray could be found-perhaps a new critical intervention by Molly Nesbit, or, at least, a reprint of one of Francis M.
We studied many alternatives and found that IBM's Component Broker offered the best solution," said Jens Hanker, senior vice resident, Swiss Bank Corporation.
Maybe it's a sign I'm getting old, as I hanker for the good old shopping days.
Bike enthusiasts who hanker after the two-wheeled members of the BMW family will get the chance to sample some red-hot machinery this weekend.
going love affair may have saved the Geordie lass from eviction as Channel 4 viewers hanker for more on-screen horseplay.
PATRICIA Hewitt, the new Trade Secretary, should be every banker's pin-up - and not just because City types hanker after severe-looking women who remind them of Nanny.
As an only child, you might hanker after a little mate in the family, but in actual fact you live in a happy little world of treats you don't have to share.
WOMEN from south Warwickshire who hanker after their own business are invited to a one-to-one business support day.
SPURS fans hanker for the success long since departed, and Sugar is the focus of their anger.
The Best of the Osmonds will be perfect for those loyal fans who still hanker for their chart-toppers including Crazy Horses and Love Me for a Reason.
To say that racecourse trainers hanker for the days of running horses from the backs of lorries with little apparent regard for welfare and integrity is an unfounded slur on the profession.
Having tried various new perfumes I still hanker after teenage memories of my empty bottle and empty romance