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An ancient city, Cloisterham, and no meet dwelling-place for any one with hankerings after the noisy world.
Various Artists Highlights From Les Miserables On course to go to No1 in the album charts off the back of the blockbuster movie currently blazing a trail at the box office, it seems the nation has been hankering to get another listen to an international superstar cast led by Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway.
A host-seeking behavior used by hungry ticks hankering for blood.
Meanwhile, sex-obsessed man-child Stifler (Seann William Scott) is up to his old tricks, hankering after one girl he crassly remembers as "the mouth that got away".
I hear he had a Hankering to relive a sequence in the hit film Big, when Tom Hanks played Chopsticks on a giant floor piano in toy shop FAO Schwarz.
Summary: CHICAGO -- Mazda has a creepy problem: a common spider species seems to have developed a hankering for making nests and weaving webs inside the engines of its sporty Mazda 6 sedan.
Evidently, the female-inspired designs have men hankering for their own versions, and the backlash has created something of a battle of the sexes in home building: kegerators, pool tables and large television screens are some of the features built into the so-called "man-caves" that are popping up in new homes.
Jean-Pierre Jeunet's romantic fable is so dreamy and charming that you'll find yourself hankering for a long weekend in Paris.
Perhaps the recession may mark the point where people stop hankering after the latest expensive gadget and again enjoy the simpler things of life.
If you've been hankering to build your dream home, check out the incredible bargains--up to 70 percent off--that John Cannon Homes has on several prime lots in his inventory.
TRAVELLERS taking trips to exotic destinations are shunning the sights and hankering for the hotel and pool instead, a survey out today showed.
Koalas have more in common than a hankering for eucalyptus leaves--their sole food source: They all have brown eyes.