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HAP. An old word which signifies to catch; as, "to hap the rent," to hap the deed poll." Techn. Dict. h.t.

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This is an amenity-rich neighborhood, boasting some of the city's best art galleries, cuisine and world-renowned cultural institutions easily accessible by public transit," said HAP Investments co-founder and CEO Eran Polack.
The FT-IR spectrum of Ce-HAP (Figure 1(b)) coating shows a similar structure of HAP, but some changes in IR wavenumber of bands are observed due to the substitution of [Ca.
HAP is the infection of lung parenchyma that develops 48 hours after hospital admission1,2 HAP represents a major cause of mortality, morbidity and resources utilization in hospitalized patients, most notably in those with severe underlying conditions in ICU.
EPA established organic HAP and VOC content limits for 57 specialty coating categories, and also required specialty coating operations to meet the same inorganic HAP control requirements as for primers and topcoats.
030/022] is the intensity of hollow between (0 3 0) and (0 2 2) diffraction peaks of HAP phase.
1 The demineralization of enamel causes dissolution of HAP crystals, which occurs as a result of intake of acidic food, beverages and bad oral hygiene ultimately leading to cavitation and caries.
The company will maintain the HAP name and remain headquartered in Detroit.
Atendiendo a la contribucion de los alimentos a la ingesta de HAPs totales y HAP8, la carne y derivados (71,5% HAPs totales, 34,3% HAPs8) es el grupo de alimentos que mas HAPs aporta, seguido de los aceites y grasas (7,7% HAPs totales, 16,5% HAPs8).
Vice-president HAP mentioned that he is in contact with Ambassador of Norway with regard to generate handicrafts related activities.
Grammy's and Mom's haps were so warm and wonderful because they filled the blankets with 1 to 2 inches of clean, carded sheep's wool.
The Sundance TV series, an adaptation of Joe R Lansdale's novels, has cast Hendricks, 40, as the wife of Hap Collins, played by James Purefoy.