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'The 3rd Mainland Bridge which was opened about 30 years ago by the then military government has had haphazard maintenance and repairs in the past which the present Federal Government is committed to correct by carrying out proper and continuous maintenance and repairs on it,' he said.
Sometimes the audio was a little on the quiet side, and just like the Home Guard the lines were at times a bit haphazard, but the audience were clearly loving it too much to give a fig about that.
It was acknowledged that haphazard parking in Karachi has assumed a serious challenge for the traffic police departments and the consequent traffic jam were not only registered during rush hours but during entire working hours in down town areas as well as around each and every commercial centre.
From the very first day of Ramadan, the patrols found massive chaos around mosques during the prayer time due to haphazard parking, which blocked the roads and hindered smooth flow of traffic, pointed out Major Omar Bin Ghanem, head of the patrol and traffic department of Sharjah Police.
No more government shutdowns that create chaos for citizens who depend on federal services and cost taxpayers billions of dollars; Stability and predictability for government agencies, which will be able to plan their budgets based on a default appropriations level; Less incentive for haphazard, last-minute budget deals; Lawmakers would have until January each year to complete the appropriations bills before funding levels change; and Government spending is restrained by maintaining and gradually reducing funding when Congress does not act.
Immediate steps are needed to spare Karachi from becoming a jungle of haphazard bill boards, he said and added, in this regard, the bye laws of KMC and Cantonment Boards should be implemented in letter and spirit.
The report into the facility says: "The service felt chaotic at times and the provision haphazard.
NOTHING underlines the haphazard planning by the civic agencies better than the inordinate delay in execution of Connaught Place redevelopment work.
To report on and understand the haphazard irrigation system the Rio Grande has become and the changes it is going through, Colin McDonald decided the best approach would be to travel the length of the Rio Grande by foot and small boat.
Helping Jimmy out are the likes of Michael Palin, Rio Ferdinand, The Inbetweeners and Lily Allen, and some of the year's most memorable names drop by to lend a hand in this haphazard review of the year.
Summary: While it is partly positive that Parliament is finally getting around to passing legislation that has been on hold for years, it is important that this is not done in a haphazard way or on politicized whims.
Haphazard parking Dear Sir, Traffic chaos caused by haphazard parking is a common sight on many Doha streets.