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Crucial topics were covered haphazardly. While the counsellors' social and communicative skills received high marks, information was rarely repeated or summarised.
Co-written by Ferrell and his Anchorman director Adam McKay who returns behind the camera, it ends up resembling a series of sketches haphazardly thrown together.
In organisms, the genetic code changes haphazardly, or mutates, at random intervals as a result of chemical reactions or other insults, and the resulting mutations in DNA accumulate over time.
of British Columbia) explains that the Analects is nothing like a philosophical treatise as recognized in the West, but rather a somewhat haphazardly collected and edited record of a process of teaching that Confucius conducted.
Place the sausages inside the pastry case, haphazardly. Pour over the egg mix and scatter with grated cheese.
A phenomenal allegro dancer, Ashley Bouder confused Odette with the Firebird, causing her to channel her energy haphazardly. When in doubt, Bouder relies on an overuse of her head and a coy manner.
Carefully arrange the tooling in cleaning baskets--don't throw it in haphazardly.
The liberation of New Orleans has begun, a little late and a touch haphazardly. The Army and National Guard, much more laid back than the ones I am used to seeing in the streets of Baghdad, are taking the city street by street as the water recedes.
People are rightfully hungry for silence amid the daily deluge of images and information, and changes in Catholic liturgy and piety, sometimes haphazardly implemented, have left some hungry for a time when a different kind of reverence and decorum marked Sunday Mass.
Trouble sprang from the industry's system for ratemaking, a haphazardly regulated patchwork of underwriting associations or compacts that pooled member companies' information to set premiums and commissions while heading oft destructive price wars.
Today, exposed overhead beams are generally used in a decorative way to imitate the structural exposed beams common in older construction But designers who forget the beam's historical function as a structural member often place beams somewhat haphazardly.
If you haphazardly toss the chock blocks behind the slat armor, the chains hang down and can get run over by the tires.