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Calmness avoids haphazardness in arriving at policy conclusions.
Cunningham's haphazardness had cost Sunderland dear against Plymouth 10 days earlier; this time, the Irishman was lucky to get away with it.
The haphazardness argument only applies to some of the private law rules, such as tort law, and does not apply to most other areas of law.
The haphazardness of the Vice is not a distressing or a threatening one.
Like the drunken sailor, exchange rates demonstrate a long-term response to economic forces and a curious short-term haphazardness.
IN THE FIRST TEXT of En tid i Xanadu, Lars Gustafsson's recent poetry collection, the poet implies that there is a possible way out of the chaos and haphazardness that plays havoc with human life.
In Moody nature is a dysfunctional force, apparently cruel in its sheer haphazardness, but actually just poorly fashioned, clumsy.
But it can't happen on the present basis of rank haphazardness, whereby popular Saturday night meetings have had their hearts ripped out on the altar of fixture-list dogma, in favour of Sunday meetings that few want and even fewer thrive on.
As stated above, the new rule creates unpredictability and haphazardness in its application.
But fiscal motives by themselves do not account for the gradualness and seeming haphazardness with which revenue-enhancing reforms arrived, culminating in monopoly issue of fiat money.
It was not particularly pretty and had been extended haphazardly over the years, but its haphazardness reminded her of her family's estate in the country near Teheran.