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In recent years, the view of haplessly drifting larvae "has broken down to some extent," Higgs says.
This was clear each time I'd haplessly offer him the potty, all Mr Tumble-on-acid smiles, and he'd scrunch up his nose at it as if to say: 'So what's in this for me, exactly?
For heaven's sake, is it an occasion to wage political fracas so engrossingly as are they when the nation is mired so haplessly in the quagmire of a multiplicity of titanic adversities and tribulations, making the citizens' lives a living hell and even threatening the polity's very stability, cohesion and solidarity?
Colombia which pinned hopes on the star player, Rodriguez, watched haplessly his influence being drowned in the formidable Brazilian striking power.
His haplessly determined father, fiery yet vulnerable mother, wealthy Auntie, and jovial, pragmatic Ganguly Uncle are all vivid and memorable.
They moved on from Ashes whitewash to complete their schedule by losing haplessly, under Broad, to Holland in a dead-rubber ICC World Twenty20 match in March.
Harrington was totally appealing as Galatea, her Acis was ardently portrayed by Oliver Mercer, and Matthew Stiff was wonderful as the haplessly villainous cyclopean monster Polyphemus.
His endlessly inquisitive children and the habit of his wife to seize on any haplessly expressed appreciation for, well, anything, in the run up to Christmas, were among those problematic real life situations which showcased Lock at his best.
Like an early Woody Allen character stretched through a fun-house mirror, Stephen Merchant plays a haplessly girl-obsessed, amiable loser in "Hello Ladies," an HBO series that's occasionally amusing but as conceptually slim as its leading man.
BEZ " Cue pandemonium, and a dishevelled Bez haplessly trying to find them.
When all the celebs around Jones were laughing loudly, he looked unamused, as the actors haplessly tried to describe the plot of 'Hope Springs', in which he stars with Meryl Streep.
And talking of clouds, I remember it raining a lot in Harry Clark - in fact, I'd swear Griff spent the majority of his time standing underneath a torrential downpour in a woefully insubstantial cagoule while haplessly wiping the precipitation off the inside of his specs with his thumbs.