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However, in a contest of little tangible consequence for two teams already through to the Super Eight stage, defending champions England lost two early wickets to left-arm seamer Irfan Pathan and then repeated their worrying history of haplessness against sub-continental spin.
In a bid to generate betting interest in the match, Hills and Ladbrokes have produced a number of specials about England's haplessness.
BABIES DEAD FROM MELAMINE in their milk, Rem Koolhaas's Beijing hotel up in flames, earthquake victims protesting lax construction standards, workers rioting as the tiger economy tanks: Chinese officials may have pulled off the vast, falsifying spectacle of last year's Olympics, but the corruption and sheer haplessness of their regime now leaves the country uneasy and teetering.
Berne added a penalty for 22-10 with a quarter of an hour to go and then five minutes later the hosts grabbed their try-bonus when Browne capitalised on Worcester's haplessness.
It seemed like the 15-man code would come so easily to Harris, but unfortunately the haplessness of Glasgow made for something of a false dawn.
There were echoes of previous haplessness against sub-Continental variations, on Asian pitches, as wicketkeeperbatsman Craig Kieswetter's top score of 35 was almost three times as many as anyone else could muster in England's lowest ever Twenty20 total of 80 all out.
Amidst haplessness of the successive governments to resolve the Balochistan crisis, the militants have gained political support of the people like Suleman Dawood, who at a website, which is blocked by the Pakistan years ago, declared himself as the King of the a[euro]~greater Balchistana[euro](tm) and are trumpeting their violent activities as a struggle for independence; and on the top of it, they have made inroads amongst the US lawmakers.
However, Northern Ireland's haplessness must be taken into consideration.
Yet England have very nearly matched that haplessness, losing a remarkable six for 17 in Nottingham and five for eight in Birmingham.
Mary, Queen of Scots City's poster boy If Manchester City's legendary haplessness is to be arrested perhaps Mark Hughes should place the shower out of bounds for Carlos Tevez.
The battle is not the self-deceptive contest that intellectual charlatans like Tony Blair, Karen Hughes and Donald Rumsfeld participated in a few years ago, with their combination of haplessness, mediocrity, collective failure, and eventual departure from office.