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'We don't want what happened last year to happen again.
'Jab hogi to hogi (it will happen, when it is bound to happen).
Ins: Iturbe (loan), Afobe (PS12m), Grabban (PS7m), Adamonis (loan) Outs: Kermorgant (PS500,000), Ward (free), Tomlin (loan), Stockley (loan) What could happen: Tyrone Mings is out for the season - Rhoys Wiggins could return from Charlton Athletic.
But the Special One, who remains unsure of striker Diego Costa's fitness going into the Stamford Bridge clash, said: "That kind of game only happens a couple of times during a season.
"The rise in the number of events that must never be allowed to happen again is, I freely admit, something we must and shall address but this has to be seen in the context of a comparable decrease in the number of occurrences of the phrase 'must never happen again', which has halved.
know what had happened. He didn't know why she just blanked out, so
3 : to do or be by chance <I happened to overhear this.>
That definitely happened. It's important for me and for some of the other folks in Generation X to have a different relationship with the new generation than we had with the civil rights generation.
And this is what generally happens: between 1998 and 2003, when the federal minimum-wage law remained unchanged, the median minimum-wage employee received a 10 percent raise within a year of starting his job; more than two-thirds of those starting at the minimum, according to an analysis by the Employment Policies Institute, were being paid more a year later.
Do some people have the ability to see events that will happen in the future?
What are we doing to make sure that it can't happen at our school?
When I visit it with Terry Evans, an outreach worker with New York's Positive Health Project, we have to stop around a woman passed out on a sidewalk grate; a few desolate blocks later, we feel the gaze of four cops standing beside a police van, waiting for something bad to happen.