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How can your department claim credit for a halving in the number of events that must never happen again when, by definition, such events just happened whether they were allowed to or not?
It certainly hurts the industry overall when something terrible like that happens said Sr.
He tells us that the loss of millions of lives in Africa, the genocide of 800,000 people in Rwanda, is ignored because they are lives of people whose skin happens to be black.
Of course, friendly fire does happen in war, but the extent that the US is involved appears somewhat extreme when considering the above numbers.
To compose these thoughts using propositions is accidental like all things that happen and are the case.
saw, heard, or experienced something that did not really happen or it happened very differently than they remembered); and 7 percent reported having temporary paralysis.
In fact, the possibility that this could happen was never entertained.
What are the chances it will happen again in the future?
This may happen because of her difficulty at age 7 to process grief in a helpful manner.
Jacobs: Well, they've had some bad things happen to them.
Understanding what will happen next is imperative to managing the strategy.