happen together

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So, if all these things happen together, you have a good chance of seeing a Fairy--or at least a much better chance than if they didn't.
When these two things happen together, as they have this week, we should recognize their centrality in the region's troubles.
He stressed that these efforts must happen together with launching a comprehensive political process, noting that the priority now is for resolution no.
Milnes commented, "I know I have some big shoes to fill, but I also know the entire team here will make it happen together, as always.
Marvi Memon said that PML-N government would make Pakistan polio free as well as it would end terrorism in the country and provincial as well as federal government would make it happen together.
Still, it is unsure whether the early elections would happen together with the local elections in the spring of 2013.
The offers happen together with the 'Khareef', Salalah's cool weather season amid July and September.
It is just a natural thing for all things to happen together," he added in reference to the way the Brotherhood operates.
I see the club going places as does the manager and fingers crossed we can make it happen together.
Both events will happen together and thousands of people are expected to attend.
The game's launch and the release of an album containing some unreleased Jackson tracks are expected to happen together, probably November.
So say it, speak it out loud and figure out how you're going to make it happen together.