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'We don't want what happened last year to happen again.
| Whatever happened to trying to catch pigeons at the Pier Head?
Indian Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh claimed something big has happened in the past two days.
Media as rear-view mirror tells what has happened before in the past and on the other hand it also tells what is happening and likely to happen in the future.
"We had hoped to get from the report a recognition of what actually happened on that day and some form of ownership of what happened on the day and then a way forward to make sure it doesn't happen.
That these attacks happened so close together in time and location is shocking, particularly because Cardiff is a city that in the main feels safe.
"Normally that can happen a couple of times for you and once against you, like it happened against us at Tottenham when everything they came to our goal they scored.
Ref BB-312/14 - Theft from Wilkinson's at Market Place in South Shields, which happened on August 26.
For the first time since RBS's dramatic rescue from collapse in October 2008, someone has pulled together the inside story of what happened at the bank before, during and after its crisis.
Indeed, if we look at the total number of deplorable happenings, including both those that have been allowed to happen and those that have just happened, you will see that it is down 10pc, which reflects very well on the preventative work of my colleagues at DoSH."
Dear Coleen, About two years ago, I had sex with my stepmother - we were both drunk at the time - but ever since it happened, she has been flirting around me.