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Linton and his daughter would frequently walk out among the reapers; at the carrying of the last sheaves they stayed till dusk, and the evening happening to be chill and damp, my master caught a bad cold, that settled obstinately on his lungs, and confined him indoors throughout the whole of the winter, nearly without intermission.
At that moment a very good thing was happening to her.
There, his eyes happening to catch the tall joker writing up his joke, he called to him across the way:
Ham Peggotty, who went to the national school, and was a very dragon at his catechism, and who may therefore be regarded as a credible witness, reported next day, that happening to peep in at the parlour-door an hour after this, he was instantly descried by Miss Betsey, then walking to and fro in a state of agitation, and pounced upon before he could make his escape.
Yes, I know it," she added, her voice quite broken; and before I realised what was happening, there she was with her beautiful head down upon the table, and sobbing as if her heart would break.
For, if you observed, he rose in his stirrups, as thereby meaning to overcast the mark; and so he would have done, but Fangs happening to bound up at the very moment, received a scratch, which I will be bound to heal with a penny's breadth of tar.
But, at the end of the day with the layoffs happening, I really wouldn't delay it.
Three others observed things happening in ways that did not actually occur.
I think they were being way too overprotective, because it actually did more damage in the long run to not have any idea what was happening.
All this happened in the blink of an eye and, in that same blink, I realized it was happening.
To promote sensorimotor experiencing, school counselors may ask the student to "Pretend this (problem situation) is happening right now.
You might not have noticed, but its happening right under your nose.