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4 : to come especially by way of injury or harm <Nothing will happen to you.
Problem is, Bernhard was brought in under Pischetsrieder and we all know what happens when you ride the coattails of someone who loses his coat.
While previous neuroimaging studies had looked at what happens in the brain during a learning task, this is the first imaging study to track what happens "off-line" after a learning session, says neurologist Ilana Hairston of the University of California, Berkeley.
It certainly hurts the industry overall when something terrible like that happens said Sr.
It's what naturally happened, and I believe it's what has to happen in the world for us to grow as a people.
To study what happens in an avalanche, scientist Ed Adams hides inside a shed perched on a mountainside.
He tells us that the loss of millions of lives in Africa, the genocide of 800,000 people in Rwanda, is ignored because they are lives of people whose skin happens to be black.
When that happens, the strength of the US-Japan relationship will be tested in direct proportion to the number of casualties Japan suffers.
LW: If there is any value that does have value, it must lie outside the whole sphere of what happens and is the case.
There's an enormous correlation between what we do and what happens in the world.
I have grown wiser and realize that whatever happens, happens for a reason.