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Future longitudinal studies should measure happenstance skills and tolerance of uncertainty over time.
These are devices to extend the concept of the working environment out of the individual cell or office floor into another kind of space where happenstance plays more of a part.
We may not accept every argument he marshals -- "by the same fire gold gleams and straw smokes" -- but the overarching thesis, that happiness is the product of meaningful existence, not of pleasant happenstance, and its corollary, that suffering can be accepted with dignity when necessary rather than resented and feared, must remain compelling.
The theories include planned happenstance; activeness, reactiveness, and flexibility; career adaptability; meandering and maneuvering; scenario planning; and career responsiveness.
As he did in his previous book, The Promised Land, the story of the great post-war migration of African-Americans from the rural south to the urban north, Lemann suffuses his historical narrative with fascinating characters--from Reynold Johnson, a young high school science teacher in Ironwood, Mich., whose 1931 experiments led to the electrical devices that quickly score multiple-choice tests (a key catalyst to the rise of a national testing industry), to Stanley Kaplan, the Brooklyn-born son of a plumber and a secretary who by happenstance launched today's vast SAT test-prep industry.
These reductions in chemical releases did not necessarily correspond to reductions in risk; if risk reductions did result, it was by happenstance, not because the TRI reporting requirements were rigorously risk-based.
And though he actually had few meetings with Trygve Lie during the 15 months the UN was looking for a home, he would see a lot more of him through sheer happenstance ten years later: In 1956, his son, William Zeckendorf Jr., had a blind date with Trygve Lie's daughter Guri, and not long afterwards, the two married.
1493 goes on to explain how other seemingly small, happenstance events which took place that year spurred on colonialization, trade, travel, technology, and slavery.
This study investigated how the 5 components of planned happenstance skills are related to adolescents' occupational identity statuses.
In particular, he seeks to determine whether the tragedies that befell the Saulides were due to continued divine retribution, pure happenstance, or Davidic orchestration.
Of course, you still have Jupiter and Uranus working their magic from your own sign, bringing you happenstance and, in some cases, chaos to show you just how exciting life can be.