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Krumboltz (2008) introduced happenstance learning theory (HLT), which purports that all individuals are born into differing situations and have unique characteristics or preferences, and as individuals grow, they face all kinds of unpredictable events that could turn into positive or negative career development experiences.
The notion of fortunate happenstance had completed and the oily hair began swinging on his forehead.
Yet all of these happenstance events have had a tremendous impact on our lives.
Nothing, of course, goes according to plan in a story that is full of wit, dry New York humour and strange happenstance.
The discovery was happenstance, said Edward Turner, program manager of the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Many people think of bisexuality or interracial relationships as something that occurs only in large cities, but Draganosky set Happenstance in the suburbs.
What those people fail to realize is that, but for politics and happenstance, they might be invoking their Third Amendment rights instead.
I think it was Ian Fleming who pointed out that once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times .
Taylor discovered her talent by happenstance in 1989 when she was recruited to work at a surplus equipment auction for an Atlanta-area public school system.
Through the happenstance of archaic translation, the KJV offers a valid application of the text: there is such a thing as a "charge of souls" (cf.
From there, it found a home at NASA's Johnson Space Center as just another meteorite, until a happenstance examination by geochemist Donald Mittlefehldt.
By happenstance, Bruce is also the author of the lead article in this issue.