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Lastly, Windows NT is linked to the PHANTOM haptic device.
With haptics, you want to feel like you're cutting through tissue in a medical simulator and you need just the right amount of force for that.
Using Salisbury's haptic technology is like exploring the virtual world with a stick.
Mauter said, "It's important to take haptics seriously and a certain degree of sensitivity is also required.
More recently, there has been a tremendous increase in commercial haptics activity aimed at moving the technology from the laboratories into commercial applications.
Nevertheless, Gentaz & Hatwell (1995) found that the haptic oblique effect was present in the sagittal plane, even when the same hand explored and set the response rod.
We are pleased to expand our existing agreement with LG Electronics to include a license for Basic Haptics.
Apart from these applications, many companies (though at nascent level) are trying to integrate tactile haptics technology in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications/devices/controllers; therefore it is definitely a cash cow technology for early investors.
Weve seen great early results from utilizing haptics in conjunction with video, as it allows brands to deliver an experience that now isnt just seen and heard, but felt, adds Mike Owen, EVP, North American Sales, Opera Mediaworks.
Under the agreement, Continental is licensed to incorporate Immersion's advanced haptic technologies for touchscreen, touch pad and touch panel interfaces in Continental's automotive solutions.
Haptic feedback devices allow users to experience computer simulations through tactile sensations.
Renesas Electronics America Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of microprocessor developer Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), and Immersion Corporation, a specialist in haptic interfaces, yesterday announced that they have collaborated to develop a system level solution which can be used by developers of consumer electronic devices to cost effectively implement haptic interfaces on their devices.