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A formidable woman of 70 when a nervous Callow first came into her office, she catapulted him straight into her world as she harangued the rich and famous on the telephone: "`But your play's no GOOD, dear,' she cried .
A Birmingham company director who behaved "outrageously" when he harangued and intimidated members of an industrial tribunal has narrowly escaped a jail sentence.
Some stores were only rented to video parlors after the buildings were totally vacant for many years and these tenants, the only ones to come forward, had harangued owners for the space for a long time.
Ed Miliband had to abandon a walkabout after he was harangued by pro-independence protesters, who drowned out his interviews with shouts of "f*** f ing liar" and "serial murderer".
NNA - We mistrust the military Tribunal, Salafist clergyman Ahmad Aseer harangued supporters during today's sit-in in downtown Beirut.
Before coming to power Mr Gilmore harangued Fianna Fail for far less serious matters at every opportunity.
Carbon footprints are conveniently ignored, but the public who subsidise these activities are harangued to save the planet by rejecting plastic bags
The last five years President Bush has held his calm and has not criticized or harangued against his critics and enemies, while Kennedy and Kerry and Clinton and Carter and Durbin and Daschle and Dean and Gore and others of that ilk have lost their minds with hatred and viciousness and anger against Bush.
A FORMER drag artist known as "Dean the Queen" has claimed his ex boss harangued him with obscenities.
Perhaps the biggest compliment for Omid is that he wasn't harangued by a man wearing a multi-coloured clown wig on live TV.
The much harangued new traffic penalty legislation has been imposed upon the country by the Labour government, yet they get off scot free.
Instead she harangued him for not be more compassionate of her condition, which was an irrepressible urge to eat ice cream whenever she was near it.