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Shouting along with the rest, maybe the ghost of Eliot's seventeen-year-old self was there, his adolescent enthusiasm reflecting back to the elder statesman the boisterous haranguer he once had been.
How can we distinguish Tom Paine from a crank, and Joan of Arc from a bipolar street-comer haranguer in drag?
Smart explicitly aligns the effects of obscurity in poetry with a haranguer speaking before "the rabble of a political party" and stringing together, plausibly, but not logically, any number of "the accustomed slang words of the party" (217).
Depuis la fin des negociations avec le secteur public, Ayari est en effet sur tous les fronts, a haranguer les foules et a ameuter les troupes contre le patronat.
Une direction qui l'avait pourtant presente comme le sauveur de l'equipe avant de le haranguer comme il ne l'a jamais ete.
Seulement quatre stands etaient dresses cette semaine pour haranguer aux manifestants.
Carrots to haranguers of working rights silenced outlets to questions.