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Despite the harangues of the so-called "pro-family" lobby, Bush has left Bill Clinton's antidiscrimination executive orders in place, and he even appointed an openly gay man to be ambassador to Romania.
The Gipper's key move: to downplay ideologyand translate the tough theory of conservatism--its libertarian harangues and traditionalist asceticism--into accessible anecdotes and sunny sloganeering.
She neither harangues nor sermonizes, but some people might find her frequent references to prayer and spirituality syrupy.
In general, the book is rebarbative: it bristles with intrusive and digressive footnotes, it constantly harangues with bold-face, italics, underlining, and quotation marks, and its tone throughout is excitable and disputatious.
Any armchair psychologist would recognize that Sakharova's vicious harangues emerge from her own deep emotional dysfunction, not from some inadequately performed port de bras.
One banker, McGafferty, resists panic, but the pounding, echoing rhythms of the crowd's harangues cause hysteria as they make it come true that "Man's fate is a drum.
phone harangues, more too-much-drinking-and-flirting, brief connections with guys who don't call and worse nights with bozos who turn into stalkers.
Where Miller and Maher make their points with joke-laced harangues, Rock does so more tactfully, with inspired absurdist wit - gun violence was skewered with reports of an attacker entering a building and hitting people upside the head.
The hero-worship she once felt toward Sidney has been replaced by weariness at his constant harangues.