harbor doubts

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as he continued to harbor doubts about Sanchez's qualification.
The dip underscores a challenge for Trump: despite a sound economy -- with 69 percent of poll respondents saying the economy is strong -- many voters harbor doubts about the president.
Some economists still harbor doubts about how well India's new GDP series, introduced last year, reflects the state of the economy, as it captures value addition rather than production volumes that the old series used.
Greeks are less likely to harbor doubts about their country's membership in the European Union.
I am 50 years old and for the first time I harbor doubts that I'll be able to continue indefinitely, performing speed work eight months out of the year and generally training and racing as hard as I do.
The results suggest that many Oregonians who harbor doubts about the death penalty in the abstract are ready to support capital punishment for specific crimes.
The court said that in light of a variety of factors, a reasonable person "would harbor doubts about the military judge's impartiality." Although it did not say that Gross was biased, the court ordered him removed due to an appearance of bias.
Defense lawyers for Endo have argued that he did not execute the attacks or lead them and that he was brainwashed by Asahara and not allowed to harbor doubts about the cult founder's orders.
"If you see this facility, it means you are gone as crazy as Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, if you don't see it, it means you are enemies of the cabinet because you harbor doubts you will be lied to once again," Kadiev proclaimed.
By Ibrahim AlloushFifteen years after the signing of the Wadi Araba Treaty, more and more Jordanians have come to harbor doubts about the rationale and political utility of that deal.
Though investors may harbor doubts about being able to reduce portfolio volatility in the current economy, a financial advisor and subject writer team up to assure non-experts that they can balance risk and return.
And yet, despite Obama's surging national popularity and rhetorical identification with Latino political strength, many Latinos continue to harbor doubts about his candidacy.