harbor suspicions

References in classic literature ?
No more did Teeka, the mother, or Taug, the sullen sire, harbor suspicions of Tarzan's intentions toward their first-born.
Although the administration eventually said it had no plans to allow such transactions, the GOP continues to harbor suspicions that is what Obama wishes to do.
All the same, a significant minority may continue to harbor suspicions as to his credentials.
Nevertheless, the Israelis clearly still harbor suspicions that Hezbollah is operating in the rural areas.
GOP lawmakers harbor suspicions that Democrats plan to undermine the bipartisan reform effort to preserve their standing with Latinos.
Good little capitalists that we are, weaned on notions of meritocracy, we harbor suspicions that a failure to thrive points to a failure of character.
Although changes in India, China, and most other emerging countries reflect Western (basically American) influence, some countries harbor suspicions about each other and the U.
Government officials have accused the Sunnis of blackmail and obstructionism and harbor suspicions that some among the largest Sunni parliamentary bloc, Tawafiq, provide aid to insurgents.
And so long as there is a possibility of devaluation and debt default, no matter how remote, the markets will continue to harbor suspicions, and investors will be hesitant to commit funds, In this environment, the risk of a new crisis emerging remains considerable.
To harbor suspicions so perverse, to remove the father so completely from his natural role and assume that without motherly supervision he will become a predator, speaks volumes about Whitehead's adherence to degrading and stereo-typical gender roles.
In this technical note we briefly report the results of five studies designed to explore whether in fact a negative relationship exists between belief in ESP and two components of Type A personality, namely, hurried impatience, and mistrust, or the tendency to harbor suspicions.