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As a noun, a haven, or a space of deep water so sheltered by the adjacent land and surroundings as to afford a safe anchorage for ships.

As a verb, to afford lodging to, to shelter, or to give a refuge to. To clandestinely shelter, succor, and protect improperly admitted Aliens. It may be aptly used to describe the furnishing of shelter, lodging, or food clandestinely or with concealment, and under certain circumstances may be equally applicable to those acts divested of any accompanying secrecy. Harboring a criminal is a crime under both federal and state statutes and a person who harbors a criminal is an Accessory after the fact.


verb afford sanctuary, aid, cache, care for, cloak, conceal, cover, defend, ensconce, give refuge, grant asylum, guard, haven, hide, insure, keep, keep out of sight, keep safe, keep secret, lodge, look after, maintain, protect, provide refuge, provide safety, provide sanctuary, quarter, safeguard, screen, seclude, secrete, shelter, shield, shroud, stow away, sustain, watch
Associated concepts: accessory after the fact, alienation of affections, assisting escape, harbor and secrete, harboring a criminal, harboring a fugitive, harboring an animal
See also: conceal, cover, foster, guard, haven, hide, house, lodge, lodging, nurture, preserve, protect, protection, refuge, screen, shelter

HARBOR. A place where ships may ride with safety; any navigable water protected by the surrounding country; a haven. (q.v.) It is public property. 1. Bouv. Inst. n. 435.

TO HARBOR, torts. To receive clandestinely or without lawful authority a person for the purpose of so concealing him that another having a right to the lawful custody of such person, shall be deprived of the same; for example, the harboring of a wife or an apprentice, in order to deprive the husband or the master of them; or in a less technical sense, it is the reception of persons improperly. 10 N. H. Rep. 247; 4 Scam. 498.
     2. The harboring of such persons will subject the harborer to an, action for the injury; but in order to put him completely in the wrong, a demand should be made for their restoration, for in cases where the harborer has not committed any other wrong than merely receiving the plaintiff's wife, child, or apprentice, he may be under no obligation to return them without a demand. 1 Chit. Pr. 564; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.; 2 N. Car. Law Repos. 249; 5 How. U. S. Rep. 215, 227.

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6), which calls for the separation of harbor administration and harbor operation.
The call for a possible response, from within an existential and presumably social context, marks scripture as word of God, and God as the harbor of the event that actualizes the possible.
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Prevent the County from issuing any cease and desist order grounded on the faulty premise that the Clean Harbors 2004 Certificate of Designation (CD) prohibits the acceptance, treatment and disposal of licensed and permitted materials;
355-7T (d)(1)(ii), an agreement, understanding, arrangement or substantial negotiations would make Safe Harbors I and II unavailable only if they occurred during the period beginning one year before the distribution and ending six months after.
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401(k)(12) provides that, if an employer makes either (1) a nonelective contribution of 3% of compensation for all eligible non-HCEs (regardless of whether they make elective contributions) or (2) non-discretionary matching contributions of 100% of the first 3% of employee elective contributions and 50% of the next 2%, the safe harbor is met for the cash or deferred portion of the plan.
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