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4 : difficult to put up with : severe <a hard winter> <a hard life>
Newer hard disks and RAID 6 chip accelerators are laying the foundation for RAID 6 technologies to deliver the next stage in data protection.
Seagate is the only hard drive company to provide consumer electronics manufacturers with a comprehensive partnership--products, technology and services.
The hard day/easy day training pattern follows from the physiological principle of stimulus and response-hard training provides a stimulus for your body to improve, but rest is then needed to allow your body to recover and adapt to that higher level.
Hard money lenders played a key role last fall when borrowers lost their commitments from Wall Street and needed quick money to rescue their deals.
I think it is hard being a kid because my sister can go places that I can't go.
This article offers options on how to augment that limited storage space, create a convenient way to store more data--without resorting to the installation of a larger hard disk--and provide a more flexible medium for backups and for making the data more portable so they can be shared with colleagues and clients.