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You don't have half such a hard time as I do," said Jo.
I was sure glad,' Otto concluded, `that he didn't take his hard feeling out on that poor woman; but he had a sullen eye for me, all right
One day he had worked me hard in every way he could, and when I lay down I was tired, and miserable, and angry; it all seemed so hard.
Adam, my dear friend, you have had some hard trials in your life.
I can speak with authority on the subject of being hard up.
The tears were all gone, however, and she was watching the hill and island answer each other with what Jamie called "whizzers, whirligigs and busters," and smiling as she thought how hard the boys must be working to keep up such a steady fire, when Uncle Mac came walking in upon her, saying hurriedly
The Marionette, seeing death dancing before him, trembled so hard that the joints of his legs rattled and the coins tinkled under his tongue.
To speak truth, and be skilful with bow and arrow"--so seemed it alike pleasing and hard to the people from whom cometh my name--the name which is alike pleasing and hard to me.
That was a hard one, at first," she admitted, "specially when I was so kind of lonesome.
No, I don't think so; but it's so delightful, and at the same time such hard work, that one has no time to think about it.
I don't know how master brought her to the house, being hard at work at the time.
Tell me, Pawnee, have you ever in your traditions heard of a mighty people who once lived on the shores of the Salt-lake, hard by the rising sun?