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View full report "Stopping The Revolving Door: DUI System Improvements For Dealing With Hard Core Drinking Drivers.
The MIPS64 5Kc core's high-performance attributes, added to the compact MIPS32 4K family of hard cores, are a superb combination of software-compatible, ready-to-use cores for SOC development.
The CTD during the last fortnight operation conducted in different parts of the province arrested 93 hard core criminals, which included 49 terrorists, 8 kidnappers, 29 extortionists and 7 target killers.
Hard Core Debt shaped reasonably well at Musselburgh on June 7, on ground that was probably softer than ideal, after which his effort over a mile at Redcar a few weeks later was another step up.
Every property has an architectural surface that Hard Core can address, from classrooms and cafeterias to patios, stairwells and anywhere in the back of the house," said Mark Parrish, president and CEO of Stuart Dean.
Many were in the over-45 age bracket which suggest there is a hard core of motorists ignoring the message.
I am all in favour of the rule that prevents any water company cutting off the supply,for obvious reasons, but the water companies could keep within the law and at the same time cause the hard core non-payers plenty to think about by simply fitting a device to their supply that reduces the supply to a trickle.
Fran Draper, brand manager for Hard Core, said: "I guess this is an example of how lads insist on trying to get one over on each other whatever they are doing.
If the clinic, Direction 180 closes, it's going to unleash 90 hard core addicts.
Worldwide Computer Products News-8 February 2002-MIPS64 5Kc hard core now shipping (C)1995-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
At last week's Embedded Systems Conference, Altera beat the competition once again by showing off its ARM -based Excalibur solution integrating the popular ARM9 hard core from ARM Limited with leading-edge APEX programmable logic from Altera.
Many members of the hard core of ideological Republicans in the House do not agree that either the financial realities or the "horror stories" justify a retreat from the goals of the Balanced Budget Act.