hard feelings

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He told the Chronicle: "I think I'll be off at the end of the season, but there are no hard feelings.
However, he showed there was no hard feelings by not only selecting the Arsenal winger in his squad for the Euro 2012 qualifiers, but naming him in the starting line-up in the 3-0 win in Bulgaria.
Summary: They may have fought over the right to the same name, but M Night Shyamalan insists he has no hard feelings towards James Cameron.
There are certainly no hard feelings towards the club over this, and I can now see why there's probably no room for me.
Younus, who has finally struck some form with the bat while playing for Surrey in England, also said that he bore no hard feelings towards any of his teammates.
DEFENDER Mike Williams, whose 13-year association with Wrexham came to an end this week, says he will be leaving with no hard feelings and nothing but happy memories of his marathon spell with the Blue Square Premier club.
CDATA[ Prime Minister will shelve any hard feelings he has after his last visit to Washington, and take part on US-sponsored world nuclear summit.
Cabrera stressed that he had no hard feelings toward the Angels over the trade.
Just so there are no hard feelings, we'll keep the contest open for an extra month (Read: Deadline for entry to the Springfield Armory XD .
I said I understood and there were no hard feelings.
However, he added: "I haven't any hard feelings, but I would like to think I would not have done it to him.
Hard feelings, then, are inevitable, but I'd rather be productive about this.