Hard labor

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HARD LABOR, punishment. In those states where the penitentiary system has been adopted, convicts who are to be imprisoned, as part of their punishment, are sentenced to perform hard labor. This labor is not greater than many freemen perform voluntarily, and the quantity required to be performed is not at all unreasonable. In the penitentiaries of Pennsylvania it consists in being employed in weaving, shoemaking, and such like employments.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In 2010, another American, Aijalon Mahli Gomes, was arrested in the North and sentenced to eight years of hard labor, also for illegal entry and "hostile acts." He was freed when former President Jimmy Carter visited Pyongyang to seek his release.
She makes very plain that the state prison system was equivalent to slavery, that the system privileged white male prisoners, that hard labor was continually justified as money-saving for the state and healthful for prisoners, that it was continued long after state bureaucrats knew that untrained forced labor supervised by guards was not cost-effective compared with paid labor.
It also replaces life sentence of hard labor with 20 years imprisonment with hard labor, and it replaces the life imprisonment sentence with 20 years imprisonment.
The court also released Youssef Maroun Abdoushi and Emile Hanna Bousafi who had been sentenced to five years in jail with hard labor for collaborating with Israeli intelligence, the daily reported.
An Egyptian man has been jailed for three years with hard labor, for insulting Islam in posts made on his personal Facebook page.
Aijalon Gomes, sentenced earlier this year to eight years of hard labor, was granted amnesty and permitted to return to the United...
Summary: A death sentence against a Jordanian linked to al-Qaeda over the 2002 murder of an American diplomat has been commuted to 15 years of hard labor in jail, his lawyer said Sunday.
In recent years, the Islamic Republic has decided to deal more gently with drug users, treating them as ailing rather than as criminals, but now the government has decided to be even tougher with drug dealers, putting them into hard labor camps rather than jail cells.
On the surface, the claim that native-born Americans will not perform seasonal agricultural work and other "hard labor" jobs appears true.
But the number of children doing hard labor in Africa is staggering.
He got 10 years hard labor for this Appleyard cover doodle
After three months of hard labor, Iraq war resister and former Navy petty officer Pablo Paredes considers himself a free man.