Hard labor

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HARD LABOR, punishment. In those states where the penitentiary system has been adopted, convicts who are to be imprisoned, as part of their punishment, are sentenced to perform hard labor. This labor is not greater than many freemen perform voluntarily, and the quantity required to be performed is not at all unreasonable. In the penitentiaries of Pennsylvania it consists in being employed in weaving, shoemaking, and such like employments.

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Karam, who was charged in August 2010, had his sentence reduced from three to two years hard labor by the presiding military judge.
Command Sergeant Major West was adamant that skilled individuals needed to supervise hard labor without confinement.
In Mexico or Guatemala you can easily find people who will perform hard labor for very low wages.
People often refer to enzymes as part of a cell's biochemical "machinery" because their hard labor keeps the cell in working order.
Hirsch is at his best when he analyzes the "ideology of sanction," making a useful distinction between "rehabituation" and "rehabilitation" and drawing out the ironies of a system that used hard labor both as "threat and therapy" (17-18).
There are nuggets to be had, hard labor notwithstanding.
About 5 percent of the general public and 10 percent of those on the watch list have bad quality fingerprints due either to genetics or hard labor," Wein says.
Summary: Salafist preacher Omar Bakri Fostoq was sentenced to six years of hard labor Wednesday after he was convicted of forming a terrorist group to carry out attacks in Lebanon.
citizen Matthew Todd Miller to six years hard labor for committing "hostile acts" as a tourist to the country, a statement carried by state media said on Sunday, as the United States requested his immediate pardon and release.
26 for 2011 stipulating for a 15-year hard labor penalty for those who have smuggled weapons, and a life sentence of hard labor for those who have smuggled weapons with the aim of trafficking in them or committing terrorist acts.
AS SAFIR explained that the Military Appeals Court which is comprised of Judge Chabtine and four Lebanese army brigadier generals, has taken a decision to release Fawzi Tanious Al-Alam and his brother Saed Tanious Al-Alam who had been sentenced to 15 years in prison with hard labor, in addition to the two brothers Elie and Youssef Yacoub Al-Alam who had been sentenced to 10 years in jail with hard labor.