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In fact, they controlled this game from start to finish, and any observer would have been hard put to identify the Premier League side.
To such managers, euthanasia will look so cost-effective that they will be hard put not to encourage it.
but I'm hard put to find a prettier place than Virginia.
And you'd be hard put to find a pundit or a politician to disagree with them publicly at the moment.
I am hard put to suggest improvements when something works as well as this.
Even Douglass's biographers have been hard put to account for her presence, invoking, as William McFeely did not too long ago, Anna's "primal tenacity," as if she symbolized the return of the repressed, the beckoning of a remote African past, in the life of a man whose public successes allowed him to forget occasionally "that my skin was dark and my hair crisped.
We'd be hard put to count all the newsletters and newsletter companies Frank Joseph has founded, purchased and sold in his many years as reporter, editor and publisher.
The last few rounds of negotiations between national experts within the Council of EU Ministers' Energy Group suggest that the Member States will be hard put to come up with a common position on the draft Directive on promoting access to power grids for renewable sources of energy tabled by the European Commission last April.
Some of the foreign companies have been finding it difficult to persuade their Indian partners to come up with the necessary 74% equity, while others have been hard put to find new partners that can initially invest a minimum of $17.
Setting up computer banks for high-speed servers and communication hardware is not cheap, and because smaller vendors will be hard put to finance such a venture, it seems likely that the wave of consolidation that has shrunk the industry for nearly a decade will accelerate.
On projects like these--editorial and documentary work in which the experience can be as important as the image--I'm hard put to think anyone could write a more appropriate text than the person who actually made the picture.
One would be hard put to decide which is more amazing -- to reveal one's private life so intimately to a total stranger (the pseudocabdriver) or to agree blithely to allow this outpouring to be shown to an audience.