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I'm hard put to find a single plus for Hogmanay - it's no more than an boozeathon'
By Bob Ellis George Bush will be hard put persuading three, four or five thousand American soldiers, marines and reservists who have already been there to go back to Iraq this year, to face 4 million Sunnis displeased by the Saddam hanging.
You'd be hard put to find a bigger selection of cruelty-free men's shoes, including sandals, athletic shoes, work and casual boots, and an array of dress shoes in black, brown, and even navy for some styles.
At first sight, the casual visitor today would be hard put to detect evidence of obvious architectural activity in the market, a tribute to the architect's light touch.
30-06 with about 95 percent original finish can fetch upwards of $2,500 to $3,000, while a gun with no finish is hard put to fetch $450.
One would be hard put to explain, however, how a final decisionmaker, here the Tax Court judge, would give "[d]ue regard" to, and "presum[e] to be correct," an opinion the judge collaborated in producing.
If Labour win the election and if Mr Blair wants to turf Brown out of the Treasury, then he will be hard put to it to find anyone who could adequately follow such a class act as this.
We would be hard put to find any town where the incidence of lead contamination is so low that households don't need to get their water tested.
Whatever, you'd be hard put not to want to hurl yourself into the throng when Clownfoot or the glam goes psychobilly Day In The City crank up.
The reader is hard put to doubt conclusions based on detailed encounters with victims, magistrates, and offenders in the context of crime patterns, life-cycle change of offenders, trials, verdicts, sentencing and the impact of gender and age, pardoning, and the rituals of punishment.
After their final departure in 1955, one would be hard put to find much evidence of their having been in the Saudi Kingdom at all, but it remains a remarkably unexpected story that Paul L.
Even though rural residents are hard put to purchase household durable goods, a wider range of food and beverage products are coming within their economic reach.