hard to control

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The doctors said that if dengue spreads in the district than the number of deaths would rise and it would become hard to control the situation.
HOW can we complain about unruly children, disobedient teenagers and anti-social behaviour from young people when many of the mothers are as delinquent and hard to control as the children they are (sadly) raising to be just like them?
Political parties that reject political forums and descend to the street must consider the mob element, a likely product of street expression, and by nature hard to control.
The Chief of President's Staff, Emilbek Kaptagaev said that all political forces and politicians in Kyrgyzstan should understand one thing - it is easy to overturn political situation, but it would be very hard to control the situation after the coup.
However, people with generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) find it hard to control their worries.
The project to eradicate the plants started in 2008 and since then a partnership including Flintshire and Denbighshire councils, the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, North East Wales Wildlife, North Wales Wildlife Trust, Keep Wales Tidy, the Friends of Alyn Valley Woods, the Cacwn working group and many individuals living alongside the river have been working hard to control its spread.
Before the Hunting Act it was hard to control because anyone seeing coursers had little idea whether it was legal (coursing with permission) or illegal (without permission).
But the scooters are so hefty, and occasionally hard to control, that they pose an unacceptable risk.
THEY are notoriously hard to control and may expand up to 10metres.
Team GB skipper Scott Nicholls, who fell on the last turn after an uncomfortable four laps, said: "I wasn't happy from the word go and it was hard to control the bike.
In a subsequent interview, he said he had been aroused by the woman and that he found it hard to control himself.
This is because the speedy German sports car, with its rear engine, can be hard to control for inexperienced drivers.