hard to control

See: unruly
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We were starving hard to control the situation and added that Capital crime would definitely reduce in near future" he added.
The technical committee is fully vigilant and working hard to control the situation, he added.
Q I have a German shepherd who's hard to control and causes chaos at the vets.
It's so loud and the atmosphere is so alive, it's just your blood flowing through your body that makes it hard to control those emotions.
LOUIS THEROUX - SAVILE (Tonight, BBC2, 9pm) WHEN Louis Theroux spent a few days with Jimmy Savile in 1999 and 2000 for the documentary When Louis Met Jimmy, it offered a rare insight into a man who during his lifetime was one of the best-loved entertainers two guest comedy, a roster of hard to control of his generation.
For everything bowhunters do to control their scent, the inside of a vehicle is still one of the places that is hard to control.
Expensive speedboats are hard to control and the bigger craft are hugely expensive, so this nippy, super-tough little effort is the perfect starter - whatever your age.
It's hard to control the money in circulation of the betting offices.
Tom Walkling, defending, said after an operation for a brain tumour Howlett found it hard to control his temper.
The kids at the Community Center, Samson said, were typical teenagers: hard to control but energetic and engaging.
His forehand, especially with the conditions the way they were today, it was incredibly hard to control the ball.