hard to convince

References in classic literature ?
Suffice it to say, that I found him very troublesome, and very hard to convince that I really meant what I said, and really was so obstinate and blind to my own interests, that there was no shadow of a chance that either he or my aunt would ever be able to overcome my objections.
Ojo gave the beast what he wanted, but the Shaggy Man shook his shaggy head reproachfully and said there was no animal so obstinate or hard to convince as a Woozy.
It would be as hard to convince me that if I was to pass into the other world to- morrow, I should not, through the mercy of God, be received there by a daughter, just like Pet, as to persuade me that Pet herself is not a reality at my side.
In the end I never tried too hard to convince either to do so, but it became a game of bluff and that's really where the strapline comes from: 'Who's Fooling Who?
He added that it is hard to convince the board that an aircraft is an urgently needed if the business is slow.
Varun admitted that he never had to work so hard to convince a girl for a bike ride.
Officials say the flight crew worked hard to convince the hijacker to abort their attempt.
And if he thinks that you're cheating then I'm afraid you'll have to work hard to convince him you're not.
TONY PULIS will have to work hard to convince the doubters at Crystal Palace who wanted him out even before he was appointed.
The Co-operative Group is working hard to convince its banking customers that its ethical stance would continue even if US hedge funds are successful in taking over a stake in the UK lender.
I know I have to work hard to convince the manager.
It'll be hard to convince me this band can be beaten in an intimate setting.