hard to convince

References in classic literature ?
Suffice it to say, that I found him very troublesome, and very hard to convince that I really meant what I said, and really was so obstinate and blind to my own interests, that there was no shadow of a chance that either he or my aunt would ever be able to overcome my objections.
Ojo gave the beast what he wanted, but the Shaggy Man shook his shaggy head reproachfully and said there was no animal so obstinate or hard to convince as a Woozy.
It would be as hard to convince me that if I was to pass into the other world to- morrow, I should not, through the mercy of God, be received there by a daughter, just like Pet, as to persuade me that Pet herself is not a reality at my side.
The authorities said a good number of residents of the posh localities were still doubtful about the vaccination campaigns and the volunteers marching on the streets on foot found it hard to convince them.
Redknapp didn't have to work hard to convince Stockdale - because Stephen Carr, who lifted the Carling Cup for Blues six years ago, and David Bentley, were on hand to give the 31-year-old keeper plenty of reasons to say yes.
Summary: The Tunisian diplomacy is working hard to convince the Foreign Office to lift travel restrictions to Tunisia, imposed since the Sousse attack.
Pulis has tried hard to convince everyone that unless you spend shedloads of money you have to play his brand of football to survive.
US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were trying hard to convince Russia reach a comprehensive solution for the Syrian conflict, which killed more than 250,000 people, said Carter.
He said that it is hard to convince citizens to sack the Defense Minister after the House of Representatives was not convinced in questioning him, and it was not clear until now what could happen in the session of next week devoted to launch the withdrawal of confidence about him.
The 57-year-old, a regular on the hit BBC2 show, said she has to work hard to convince people she is not a "humourless, slightly barky individual".
A few years ago, it was hard to convince clients about our automated solutions, whereas now, clients approach us for solutions that are effective and efficient to reduce total operating costs," he told the organisers of Middle East Cleaning Technology Week show.
Farage should also ponder on the words of Dreda Say Mitchell, who said what made it so hard to convince minority people to vote Leave was the whiff of racism behind some Brexit arguments.