hard to cope with

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Whatever might be the supernatural influences among these mountains, the travellers found their physical difficulties hard to cope with.
Recording a suicide verdict, Mr Longstaff said: "It is my view Mrs Buckley found life very hard to cope with, probably harder than she cared to let on.
He went on to admit that he would find it hard to cope with the fame that comes with breaking the US.
We will do everything we can to preserve the frontline and secure greater efficiency because our highest priorities are to keep people safe and reduce crime, but there is no doubt that the cuts we are facing will be very hard to cope with.
She found her new fame hard to cope with and, with the world at her feet and interviews around the globe, it is no wonder that she almost cracked up.
Jose said: "It was hard to cope with missing the final but I watched and felt happy when the team won.
6 engine has to work doubly hard to cope with modern traffic speeds and doesn't come near its claimed 55mpg combined consumption.
Mexican actor Kuno Becker said the North-East winter weather had been hard to cope with, especially since two days were spent filming under rain machines.
Jesse confronts Flynn over his feelings for Leah, while Seb finds it hard to cope with the idea he may never walk again and announces he's moving back to Brisbane with Fisher.
She might want to have younger friends and might have different interests and he might find it all hard to cope with if he's disabled.
1993: Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley spoke of the plight of parents who find it hard to cope with their children.
The criticism is not hard to cope with, especially as I think there will be races on tracks which will suit us better and where we will have the upper hand.