hard to cope with

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Whatever might be the supernatural influences among these mountains, the travellers found their physical difficulties hard to cope with.
He said that the Punjab government was working hard to cope with this situation, adding that Punjab government had sent a message to Indian government through social media website, saying that we have imposed ban on burning of remains of crops, shuck and straw in our province and likewise expect same from our neighbor country.
Everything is simple and basic but those skills are honed to such an extent that they can be delivered at top speeds and that is what is so hard to cope with.
She pledged the funding at the BMA Scottish local medical committee annual conference in Clydebank, where doctors told how they are finding it hard to cope with increased demands on their time and how some practices have been left with no GPs, including one in the Health Secretary's constituency.
If the largest part of your adult life has been invested in your children, it can be hard to cope with the silence and emptiness when they've all left.
Louise, 24, thinks Vicki will have found that hard to cope with.
According to Daily Express, the neighbours' of the couple said that the 37-year-old singer who often took his kids for treats, struggled to deal with the lifestyle of 'Shakespeare in Love' star and found it hard to cope with her rules for him and the children.
Ruth Henderson, the Trust's Macmillan Information and Support manager and event organiser, said: "Finding out you have cancer in any form can be daunting and life changing and very hard to cope with.
With all my injuries this summer it has been hard to cope with.
At the same time, the Vice Mayor realizes it would be hard to cope with plastic bag problem at markets of the capital city.
The Princess Royal is president of the British Olympic Association, an IOC member, and competed in at the 1976 Games in Montreal but says the pressure from competing in London would have been hard to cope with.
However, the cuts, especially in 2012-13, will be very hard to cope with and I want to make sure the public understand the scale of the challenge we face.