hard to deal with

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But Gers shouldn't be too hard to deal with even though Herrera is on a three-year deal.
Christopher Allum | Hard to deal with ignorance Professor Green, but good on you for trying.
Nineteen-year-old Chinese qualifier Xiao Chen Zong and New Zealand veteran Bernie Smith could find the occasion hard to deal with and it's unlikely that one of them will run away with this preliminary-round tie.
The union said that bank employees have been working hard to deal with demonetisation and there is still much work to do.
For a whole year I've been accused of many things and being unable to defend myself has made this hard to deal with, not just for me but for my family and close friends.
However, we have found the setbacks, such as injuries to key horses, hard to deal with.
Source has revealed that no one knows who this woman is, though it is suspected one or two of the players might have an idea, but a World Cup campaign is already tough enough to manage and now this bombshell is very hard to deal with.
And David must find Elton's level of commercial success hard to deal with.
Despite its track record of successfully managing internal feuds, this is one instance which the BJP may find hard to deal with.
Social Data Week - Mission Bay Social data is big, messy and hard to deal with, but presents enormous opportunities to unlock insights to change how people work.
However, in 11th May elections PPP came back in power in the province and MQM is finding it hard to deal with the problem in dealing with situation.
While the illness was hard to deal with, having to sell my gear to cover bills was worse.