hard to define

See: elusive
References in classic literature ?
But Anne thought she liked his face; it was kind and honest and tender; there was something else in it, too -- just what, Anne found it hard to define.
It's always a clever move to get people to admire you for something abstract and hard to define - Damien Hirst has made a lucrative career out of it.
There can be a very subtle, sinister element to it that can be quite hard to define and pin down.
It requires great singing (which must sound effortless), immaculate comic timing and a rather hard to define Frenchness and sexiness.
There is not much snow in Europe now, and many events are being posponed, so it is hard to define the exact day of the tournament's start," the coach said.
It's as much about love and moving on in life as it is about a marriage's failure and gruesome results: hard to define, suffice to say that it's an intriguing story indeed.
Welcoming the additional research, water consultant Philip Pells, said : "it's very hard to define the impact if you don t know what the starting point is.
It's hard to define the potential of a title using a single word, but Horrorscope does just that, using the dual reference to horoscopes and horror to let potential readers know just what they are getting into before the first page is cracked.
He said: "Obviously the winner has to be an outstanding example of their breed, but I'll be looking for a bit of extra star quality that's hard to define.
It's hard to define what we want in an incoming college student.
JEFF NEWTON Love THIS is very hard to define and explain, For it covers fields of emotion from joy to pain, It comes in many shapes and sizes, And unfurls itself in all manner of guises.
The Jirga accepts that the Americans are needed to back their forces outside the more passive future Nato role, despite legal problems and the very obvious operational issues that will make it hard to define a valid Al Qaida target in the heat of the moment.