hard to express

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He told the Daily Mirror he found it hard to express his true self growing up and acting was his way of "pretending to be someone else" to get away from bullies who abused him I'd had daily.
The emotional value of him behind the bar is hard to express, but because people feel familiar with him, he will know more than anyone else what is going on and what was going on within the village.
"It's not often that I'm lost for words but on days like today it's hard to express how proud you feel to see thousands of people parading through Deansgate united by the common bond we all share - our love of Manchester."
GEMINI Feelings run deep and nostalgic towards those closest now, but they may be hard to express in words.
"This (playing 100 matches) means a lot to me, something that I find hard to express in words.
"It's hard to express how much we enjoy collaborating with CooperVision and CORE, working alongside their in-house marketing and clinical teams on a range of programs around the world," Mike McDougall, president of McDougall Communications, said in a news release.
Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has finally acknowledged finds it hard to express himself in English.
Thames Valley Federation Chairman Craig O'Leary said: "It is hard to express the loss that Thames Valley Police feels following the death of PC Daniel Clayton-Drabble.
Child actor Bhanita Das, who portrays the character of Dhunu, finds it hard to express her happiness in words.
"It's hard to express just how much it has meant to the thousands of children and others who have received a personalised quilt from the group."
'My work doesn't move, so I think hard to express various aspects and emotions of the person who is the subject.
"I was raised and surrounded by strong, loving women all my life, but after participating in baby Tia's delivery, it's hard to express the new level of love, respect and admiration I have for @laurenhashianofficial and all mamas and women out there.