hard to grasp

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But Revel Horwood, 52, said that newcomer Ballas is the real baddie, saying viewers might find it hard to grasp her complicated critiques.
If you can pass A-levels, it can't be that hard to grasp a clever way to tell men how ridiculous they are trying to grope you" TV's Anne Robinson.
However, in turn, pardon me, I find it hard to grasp how the alternative is turning (the IPU) into a chatting and theorizing forum.
Family and community loyalties, mixed notions of honour and the film of secrecy over the taboo issue make its true scale hard to grasp, the NSPCC said.
The precept of the book is to make things that are hard to grasp more accessible by reducing them to a scale that readers can relate to.
For Whitlock, the experience of being mentioned in the same breath as Uchimura - a 10-times world champion who the 23-year-old Whitlock credits as one of his main inspirations for pursuing the sport - is something he finds hard to grasp.
Second, because as hard to grasp as basic science may be, it's the source of many of the advancements we take for granted in our daily lives.
Even when physically standing in the crater of a supervolcano, such as Yellowstone National Park, Montana, it can be hard to grasp exactly how much larger they are than regular volcanoes.
She said: "At the time it was very hard to grasp all the information we were being told.
Nonetheless, author Sara Taylor captures emotional truths about adolescence that are sometimes hard to grasp years later.
The alternating point of view between Fiona and Fi can be hard to grasp initially, but is mastered quickly as the reader learns to tell the difference between the two distinct voices and personalities.
IT is still hard to grasp the scale of the devastation wrought by the 7.