hard to grasp

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And many internal things in man are like the oyster--repulsive and slippery and hard to grasp;-
Such numbers are hard to grasp. Moreover, the very concept of the universe expanding is a challenging one to accept -- after all, where is there for it to expand into?
For a start, they're a big, physical side; they're fighting hard to grasp a top-two league finish before going into the play-offs; and last but not least they'll be hungry for revenge after the Vikings beat them 12-8 in the 1895 Cup Leigh Centurions Widnes Tomorrow, 3pm semi-final at the same venue just three weeks ago in what was an emotional and bruising encounter.
"I know a lot of people in Britain will find it hard to grasp the idea that schools simply don't even have chairs for children.
That's a bit of a different wrinkle and if you've never played that before it can be hard to grasp.
'Snoof' here means love; but this is hard to grasp in a family where everything is going wrong and changing.
The festival wants to address all tech geeks, regardless of their age, gender, profession and knowledge."Technological progress has made it to a place where it can be too abstract and hard to grasp for ordinary users," said Matej Drlika, organiser of the IXPO festival, as quoted by the SITA newswire.
He, however, confessed that he found it hard to grasp some of the 'tough' words used by the writer.
Since it's hard to grasp the value of $9.38 in 1982 from today's point of view, we took the liberty of calculating real wages in today's prices and taking a look at what wages from 1964 onwards would be worth today.
Here are a couple definitions to help "untangle" a field of science that is often hard to grasp, but may have profound implications for the national security community.
It gives one the chance to explore emotions that would be hard to grasp otherwise.