hard to grasp

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She said: "At the time it was very hard to grasp all the information we were being told.
IT is still hard to grasp the scale of the devastation wrought by the 7.
It's an excellent way to measure your growth and progress, which is sometimes hard to grasp in the day-to-day perspective.
It can be hard to grasp the detail of online payment processes and the different threats that could be encountered along the way.
What suffering she endured, and the suffering that continues for their family, is so very hard to grasp.
IT'S hard to grasp what was more disappointing, a third game without a goal or a fourth-straight defeat.
Because it's hard to grasp it is taught just 'for the sake of it'.
Hughes reckons the son of club great Iain has all the attributes needed to reach the top, but must work hard to grasp the opportunity.
It's hard to grasp," said 66-year-old Bob Michajla, a volunteer who has been helping search part of the square-mile (2.
I know I should be doing jobs around the house, but even so far into the season, I still find it hard to grasp the situation we find ourselves in.
Although there is ample information about the negative environmental and health impacts of primitive e-waste recycling methods, the lack of comprehensive data has made it hard to grasp the full magnitude of the problem," Kuehr said in the report.
Privatisation' is a concept also quite hard to grasp.