hard to lift

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We're trying hard to lift him and give him some words of encouragement.
Limerick were always going to find it hard to lift it against Westmeath for a game they were never going to lose.
IT'S HARD to lift yourself if you're an Albion fan right now.
From 64 for four, Bangesh and Mujtaba tried hard to lift Alubond out of trouble with a 50-run partnership, but Bangesh was caught behind off spinner Rana Dastagir.
The 46-year-old said: "It shouldn't be hard to lift yourself to play for Rangers.
Hesson said his batsmen worked hard to lift themselves after the first Test defeat.
Then comes the problem of what to do with it: it's already very hard to lift and it's too big to get out of the door of the polytunnel.
Caroll Pattison, fund director, said: "Daniel is a lovely boy who is getting to an age where his parents are finding it hard to lift him safely.
While at the same time it is hardening its position with the 5+1, its domestic strategists are trying hard to lift Iran's economy from a huge mess caused by Rowhani's supremacist predecessor Ahmadi-Nejad.
However I would ask why Councillor James Davies feels he can turn Rhyl around if he is elected as the MP for the area when our current MP is working so hard to lift the profile of Rhyl as a wonderful place to come on holiday for all the family.
His foot is resting on one corner of the jacket and he can't understand at first why it is hard to lift it off the floor.
London, Jan 14( ANI ): Serena Williams has claimed she doesn't think she is the favourite to win the ongoing Australian Open, adding every player will have to work equally hard to lift year's first Grand Slam.