hard to lift

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While the government is working hard to lift the economy out of the sand pit it is stuck into, it is also incumbent upon the citizens and business community to appreciate these measures in their true perspective and also contribute their bit to make this effort successful
"Normally it's hard to lift yourself after such a tough game and a mentally demanding season, but I asked for commitment here and the players gave it - everyone really showed it.
"If we fall short this weekend, it could be hard to lift ourselves again for the play-offs, so that's why we want to keep the focus on this game.
Dawood and Ismail toiled hard to lift PAF but wrong serves, poor boosting and wild smashes spoiled their points.
He said the team management is clear regarding our World Cup squad and the preparations for the Cup and pointed out that bowlers need to work really hard to lift the level of their bowling as they struggled in the last overs of the play against Australia.
Amid a survey showing a decrease in hunger, presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo assured the public that the government was working twice as hard to lift Filipinos out of poverty and hunger.
He said the youth must work hard to lift the country's name on the global arena.
"Egyptian citizens are suffering currently, which will be hard to lift support for some services."
The foot was hard to lift and Harvey, kind and gentle as he was, did not like his foot being held aloft.
He said:"The National League trophy is a hard-fought affair, and the team have prepared and fought hard to lift this trophy so early, having only been beaten once.
KUWAIT, Dec 6 (KUNA) -- Public Authority for Sport's Acting Director General Humoud Al-Fuleiteh has vowed to work hard to lift the international suspension on the remaining sports activities in Kuwait.
"It was wrapped tight around the drum and was hard to lift out.