hard to overcome

See: formidable
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They did feel it, yet neither spoke of it, for often between ourselves and those nearest and dearest to us there exists a reserve which it is very hard to overcome.
Was the desire to live so strong and was it so hard to overcome it?
There is one antipathy, however, which I find it hard to overcome.
I'm striving very hard to overcome it and now that I'm really thirteen perhaps I'll get on better.
He was trying hard to overcome this when a diversion was caused by the arrival of Lady Arabella.
According to the spokesman of Power Division the government is starving hard to overcome the electricity thefts incidents and added that electricity demand and supply margin had reduced now.
In such censorious situation, Pakistan needs to strive hard to overcome the emerging problems due to climatic change and must find possible solutions and strategies to make that happen.
He said that government was striving hard to overcome all
He said that government was striving hard to overcome all problems transferred to the PML-N government after 2013.
These tweets from my past show a deep selfloathing that I've worked hard to overcome.
We are working hard to overcome many of the forces such as intolerance, extremism, casteism and so on"
The team have worked extremely hard to overcome the various challenges, finding solutions to problems and eventually concluding on the sale of this high-quality asset.