hard to translate

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But it is a grievous thing to me that he should have toiled so hard to translate the Bible, and now the language and the people are gone
I have known all my life to a degree but sometimes it's hard to translate feelings into actions.
Those divisions mean that any political goodwill generated by the nuclear deal will be hard to translate into other areas, including resolving conflict in Syria and Iraq.
The Ministry is working hard to translate economic vision and put small and medium enterprises at the top of its priorities," the minister added.
CSWA has worked hard to translate the California industry's tradition of sustainability into a set of tools that help growers and vintners respond to evolving market expectations and a demanding regulatory environment.
Sometimes it is just a gut feeling but it can be hard to translate this experience into models with predictive power.
Okay, humor is notoriously hard to translate, not merely the words themselves, but the cultural frames of reference of their meanings and implications.
Let's face it: It's hard to translate data on alcoholism or opioid rates to monetary figures because it communicates that there's money to be made in the industry (i.
We've all watched the numbers of mobile users and apps rise at incredible rates, but until we take the time to understand who and what are behind the numbers, it will be hard to translate them into every day actions that will create positive outcomes of a mobile application strategy.
It's hard to translate moments of emotion and connection that happen during a performance when you're trying to re-create them, so this will be an important opportunity.
I have recently attended an intensive course in Los Angeles and will certainly work hard to translate what I have studied into reality.
Diplomats earlier said it was very hard to translate the Geneva agreement into a plan for action, but that there was a political will to iron out any differences.