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But it is a grievous thing to me that he should have toiled so hard to translate the Bible, and now the language and the people are gone
The title of the new book is hard to translate, for Vilaglo reszletek could be rendered in several ways: "Shining Episodes" is a possibility, but "Illuminating Parts" is another.
Adds Dale Willits, assistant professor of criminal justice and criminology and a member of the CSI research team: "One of the great challenges of studying policing is that it is hard to translate research results into practice.
They can tell a good story but find it hard to translate it into the written word.
I find it very hard to translate what I see in my head to another person.
This research is vitally important to improve treatment and care and the centre is working hard to translate these new developments into meaningful improvements in cancer care for patients.
If the leadership does not address diversity and inclusion within their respective organizational structure down to store-level decision makers, loyalty and respect will be hard to translate into product assortment, promotions and community relevance.
Schuster is Brenda Knapp's first deaf student and the experience has taught her to slow down and avoid tangents in her lectures that might be hard to translate.
I have known all my life to a degree but sometimes it's hard to translate feelings into actions.
Those divisions mean that any political goodwill generated by the nuclear deal will be hard to translate into other areas, including resolving conflict in Syria and Iraq.
They begin by considering hard to translate Korean words, like ohano (loosely translated to regret), ojeongo (loosely translated to feeling), and odeoko (loosely translated to virtue), and what role these ideas play in Korean films.