hard upon

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'Oh, really--you are very, very hard upon our friend!' exclaimed Sir John.
It had come across his mind that if he were hard upon his sister, it might somehow tend to make Tom hard upon Maggie at some distant day, when her father was no longer there to take her part; for simple people, like our friend Mr.
Perhaps you won't, then, be very hard upon me, or surprised if I can be distressed and serious.
Upon which, forgetting the sex of Goody Brown, or perhaps not knowing it in his rage--for, in reality, she had no feminine appearance but a petticoat, which he might not observe--he gave her a lash or two with his horsewhip; and then flying at the mob, who were all accused by Moll, he dealt his blows so profusely on all sides, that unless I would again invoke the muse (which the good-natured reader may think a little too hard upon her, as she hath so lately been violently sweated), it would be impossible for me to recount the horse-whipping of that day.
Poverty and labour bore hard upon him, especially as county officers were getting troublesome, and in a weak moment he did the wicked act; but he has listened to my words, and his mind has got round again into its honest corner.
If I have borne hard upon your feelings, in taking away your wife with an honest intention of giving her back to you, when the plans of that devil incarnate were answered, so have you broken into my encampment, aiding and abetting, as they have called many an honester bargain, in destroying my property."
'Don't you think you are rather hard upon him?' asked her friend, smiling, and smoothing her hair.
'My dear, they don't care for you, those fellows, if you're NOT hard upon 'em.
But it is really too hard upon human nature that it should be held a criminal offence to imagine the death even of the king when he is turned eighty-three.
However, I will not be hard upon you, as you are in trouble.' Then he took the string in his hand, and drove off the pig by a side path; while Hans went on the way homewards free from care.
Why, thou monkey, said a harpooneer to one of these lads, we've been cruising now hard upon three years, and thou hast not raised a whale yet.
Finding him at his camp in Green River valley, he immediately furnished himself with the supplies; put himself at the head of the free trappers and Delawares, and set off with all speed, determined to follow hard upon the heels of Fitzpatrick and Bridger.