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Indeed, Chandler's essay about "the simple art of murder" returns us to a critical criminal frame: that of the hard-boiled genre of which he is considered to be one of the founders.
The similarly brief considerations of narrative structure in each chapter, however, delve into the workings of the familiar first-person voice of the hard-boiled variety of detective to make a useful distinction between the co-existing present-I and past-I perspectives that allow an author to detail progress through events (the past-I) while giving the detective narrator options for commentary that aid in his characterization.
And as Charles Nicol noted in a 1987 Harper's article "The Hard-Boiled Go To Brunch," lifestyle changes have also come to the genre.
Apparently, I was wrong when I said that Michael Denning and his work are huge landmarks that are impossible to ignore--Thomas's Detective Fiction and the Rise of Forensic Science ignores it completely as it does almost everyone and everything else--that's odd when you consider that it takes as its focus the same two time periods and subject matter as Mechanic Accents and Hard-boiled.
If it wasn't for that apparent piece of bad luck there may have been no Philip Marlowe, the wise-cracking, bourbon-downing, hard-boiled private eye played by Humphrey Bogart in the film version of The Big Sleep.
Crowd-funding a new must-have kitchen gadget to make savory hard-boiled eggs
THE DEPARTED (2006) Martin Scorsese finally won an Oscar for this hard-boiled thriller.
To hard boil an egg: For those of you who prefer to eat eggs straight from the shell, hard-boiled, follow these cooking guidelines but without cooling them down.
Existentialism, film noir, and hard-boiled fiction.
Residents will be using golf clubs to pitch the hard-boiled eggs along an obstacle course.
Frank Johnson, a hard-boiled PI, one of a long line tracing their ancestry back to Mickey Spillane, makes his debut in this novel, the first of what promises to be a series--the second is scheduled for 2007.
JOHN Cunningham reckoned it was no yolk after he scoffed a jar of hard-boiled eggs to raise money for charity.