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Nutritionists say that ideally 10 to 35 per cent of a person's diet should contain protein, and hard-boiled eggs, a quick and healthy snack, are a good source of that.
The incongruity that is created by Cain's decision to take on the subject of opera corresponds directly, of course, with the degree to which Serenade operates in the register of hard-boiled fiction.
His popularity has made his name (with Hammett's Sam Spade) a generic term for all hard-boiled private detectives, one that has had numerous manifestations in fiction, film, radio, television, and graphic novels over the past seventy-five years.
Cain and Raymond Chandler, whose Philip Marlowe will be the tipping point between the hard-boiled critique of sentimentality in Hammett and Cain and the hard-boiled incorporation of sentimentality that follows.
Lunch: Cold cuts of meat (eg chicken) and brown rice salad Dinner: Steak and a selection of vegetables Snacks (if needed): Natural live yoghurt, vegetable crudits, hard-boiled eggs, extra meat or fish DAY FOUR Breakfast: Brown rice cereal (100g) Lunch: Chef's salad (a bed of salad with hard boiled eggs and cold cuts of meat); natural live yoghurt
A former New Yorker whose family owned a delicatessen in Yonkers, Siegel credits his fail-safe methods to an old-timer who showed him the way when it comes to hard-boiled eggs some 20 years ago.
But to get a hard-boiled egg you have to turn it over to reach 10 minutes.
What a cock-up then if I get soft-labelled eggs and later decide to turn some of them into hard-boiled egg sandwiches.
Add two hard-boiled eggs and a serving of whole cashews--about one handful--for another 17 g, and you've met your protein needs for the day.