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Several academic authorities on hate crimes in America identified three types of bias crime offenders: the thrill seeker, the reactive offender, and the hard-core offender.
Let's examine some of the tangible benefits of hard-core bowhunting.
Earlier this year, the board refused to grant certificates for seven hard-core videos, claiming it would lead to a flood of porn into the country.
It is a lucrative and growing trade in this country, where hard-core porn films change hands for up to THREE times the original price.
Subtle disturbances of brain function, probably inflicted in the womb or shortly after birth, may foster language difficulties and attention problems that pave the road to hard-core delinquency, Moffitt proposes.
According to an executive summary released by the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) titled National Drug Control Strategy, current drug use indicates that, although the number of casual users is declining, hard-core use remains high, use among young people is increasing, an production and availability of illegal drugs is also on the rise.
During the mudslinging run-up to the midterm election, reports revealed that Boyias--the CEO of Marina Pacific Distributors, which produces hard-core gay-porn flicks like Wet Palms and Jackhammer is a frequent contributor to the Republican National Committee.
Led by Immigration and Customs Enforcement's New Jersey office, the investigation that started in October 2005 focused on an East Coast commercial Web site offering videos and images of hard-core child pornography.
It is much easier to convince conservatives than Leftists that it is their "patriotic" duty to support a war effort; conversely, hard-core Leftists are easily incited to wage violent demonstrations in opposition to military operations.
A sex store will this week make its third bid to sell hard-core videos in a family shopping area.
Unless you're a hard-core gaming enthusiast or desire the computing equivalent of greased lightning, you're likely to find a good deal in the $699-$999 range.