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It is wrong that these `fat cats' of the Flat should be allowed to indulge themselves by muscling in on the occasion, depriving jump jockeys of their hard-earned rides and possibly taking the prize-money.
The federal financial regulatory agencies want consumers to know that careful account management is the lowest-cost way to avoid overdraft and returned-check fees and protect your hard-earned money.
Only through consolidating our efforts in these areas can we achieve the economies of scale and reap the ultimate benefits of the hard-earned dollars we spend expanding our markets and capabilities, and lobbying for regulation relief.
This scheme, Malkin says, "will siphon off the hard-earned tax dollars of American workers who may never see a dime of their confiscated earnings and fork it over to foreigners guilty of at least four acts of federal law-breaking: crossing the border illegally, working illegally, engaging in tax fraud, and using bogus documents.
Seniors are up in arms because drug company control of distribution and pricing of pharmaceuticals is eating away hard-earned nest eggs.
May memory bless and shelter you with the hard-earned light of past travail, may this give you confidence and trust.
Siemens created the Corporate Technology area eight years ago to ensure that its hard-earned R&D dollars were being Fully utilized.
Five bucks hard-earned cash to: The Journal, 58 Essex, 2nd Floor, Beverley, MA 01915
Thousands of demonstrators rallied in central Kathmandu on Friday, saying violence and terror unleashed by communist rebels was threatening Nepal's hard-earned democracy.
It is during recovery that your hard-earned training gains are made.
The industry implies that all its hard-earned profits go into basic research.
Ohio taxpayers should never be forced to contribute their hard-earned dollars to a church or church school," said the Rev.