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As they approached the centre of the town the scene was brightened by a row of well-lit stores, and even more by a cluster of saloons and gaming houses, in which the miners spent their hard-earned but generous wages.
JONATHAN Trott completed his first century back in England colours, since the onset of his stress-related illness, as the Lions secured a hard-earned lead over South hard-earned lead over South Africa A in Paarl.
We understand that reducing their taxes allows them to keep more of their hard-earned money and meet the financial challenges of raising a family.
Why does the taxpayers' hard-earned money always go to the wrong ones?
THE hierarchy of the various churches of 'God are telling the lay people - or in other words 'the workers' - to stop spending their own hard-earned cash as it's immoral; that we are following the governments economic policies of greed and we are all being led into debt.
Fans without season tickets have turned up at games and shelled out good, hard-earned money.
We have a winning track record in this complex arena, and want to put this hard-earned expertise to work for lenders, investors and developers who find themselves literally stuck," said Radow.
A press release of NAB KP said on Tuesday that the accused who established a company namely Life Medicine Company (LMC) Doaba Hangu deprived innocent people of their hard-earned money on the pretext of investing their money in interest-free business with lucrative profit and return.
If this book's breadth and tone is any indication, the modern solution to this historic problem is to do neither task--to engage instead in a kind of "activist-lite" that allows all black people to advance without the black middle class forfeiting its hard-earned jobs and SUVs.
INVESTING PRIMER Here's what you need to know before you invest your hard-earned cash.
We are sending a message that in Los Angeles, we will not allow our homeowners to be bilked out of their hard-earned money,'' Delgadillo said.
As the mother of two autistic boys, Kathy Labosh draws upon her experience and hard-earned expertise to write The Child With Autism At Home: The Home-Life Guide which is a succinct compilation of 350 tips for parenting an autistic child in every area of the home environment including the attic, master bedroom, child's bedroom, "the corner", the family room, playroom, music room, kitchen, study, bathroom, broom closet, even the front and back doors.