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For some hardcore debtors, it may be better to use a negative example where the debtor did not listen to you and now is regretting his or her decision.
One sizzle reel and pitch from Dominick to RDF TV--which would later be acquired by Zodiak--and Hardcore Pawn began to take shape.
I wanted to separate the myths of hardcore porn behaviour from the reality of healthy but hot sexual relationships," she added.
Stu Allan, of course, needs no introduction to hardcore fans having been one of the scene's top DJs, since the early days with his Key 103 radio show and many of his productions are hailed as all time hardcore classics.
Despite hardcore compilations being among the most successful compilation albums of the past two years, and DJs like Slipmatt, DJ Hixxy and Billy 'Daniel' Bunter playing numerous nights each weekend, hardcore has been largely ignored by the mainstream media and anyone else who's not in on the country's best kept musical secret.
Very highly recommended reading for all dedicated fans of professional wrestling, Hardcore History: The Extremely Unauthorized Story Of The ECW by journalist and sports enthusiast Scott E.
A HARDCORE Italian porn satellite TV channel was blocked by the Government yesterday.
was quick to latch onto, hardcore punk; not so much for the music but for the aesthetic of streamlined, efficient use of time in order to entertain.
T]he United States is now by far the world's leading producer of porn, churning out hardcore videos at the astonishing rate of about two hundred and eleven new titles every week.
The study found just 5% of smokers aged 16 to 24 could be classed as hardcore but 30% of those aged 65 and above fell into this category.