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The condition of the concrete is examined, the presence or otherwise of any damp proof membrane is recorded and the dampness of the hardcore is noted.
They are definitely in a more traditional hardcore mould and have been steadily building their local reputation, getting a major boost when they supported Of Mice And Men at the Kasbah.
I wanted to separate the myths of hardcore porn behaviour from the reality of healthy but hot sexual relationships," she added.
Stu Allan, of course, needs no introduction to hardcore fans having been one of the scene's top DJs, since the early days with his Key 103 radio show and many of his productions are hailed as all time hardcore classics.
In a nutshell: Documentary about hardcore punk rock music is funny, informative and noisy.
Despite hardcore compilations being among the most successful compilation albums of the past two years, and DJs like Slipmatt, DJ Hixxy and Billy 'Daniel' Bunter playing numerous nights each weekend, hardcore has been largely ignored by the mainstream media and anyone else who's not in on the country's best kept musical secret.
More than other women in hardcore, Black women get fewer work opportunities and fewer high-paying contracts, and they experience prejudicial and even hostile treatment.
What was left was hardcore punk, a trend that sought out the youth of America, and the youth in turn embraced hardcore.
A third of hardcore smokers thought their health was totally unaffected by the habit and would remain so in the future.
When I could still see the buck's antlers protruding from the grass and realized the wind was right, I went into my hardcore mode.
During the last few months, hundreds of hardcore movies have been seized in a series of Sunday morning raids on retailers.
I don't think there's a conspiracy of evil Nashville fat cats out to deprive the people of their hardcore country music.