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The report also segments the radiation hardened electronics & semiconductors market by components such as processors & controllers, memory devices, power management, FPGAs & ASICs, and other components.
The hardness obtained as a result of the electron beam hardening within the preliminary research proved to be a variable that depends also on the x and z coordinates of the points in the hardened zone.
a standard hardened steel mold over a one-year time period.
VC770 is a robust CBN sub-micron grade formulated with 45% CBN and designed for application on interrupted cuts on case hardened steels.
By processing the fillets at the same time the journals were hardened, manufacturers obtained improved fatigue strength in the crankshaft.
As the lava crept down the slope, its front hardened where it hit thick, glacier-filled valleys, forcing the lava to flow along the line of least resistance, usually the ridges between the valleys.
This article presents the effects of principal parameters on the hardness of electron beam hardened layer.
The direct aviation market has hardened somewhat, Townsend said, but airline hull and liability premiums still are believed to be lower than claims.
The heat treatment for a part requiring a hard, wear-resistant surface usually relies on a diffused case over a tough, hardened and tempered core.
There is another concept in ADI which is commonly misinterpreted: hardening the surface of ADI by "work hardening." It is correct that the surface of an ADI part can be hardened by stressing but most of the hardening is done by a mechanism other than work hardening.
Extensive fossil remains of the largest known seabird, weighing close to 90 pounds with a wingspan of between 18 and 19 feet, have been chipped out of a 30-million-year-old block of hardened sand and mud and identified by scientists at the Charleston (S.C.) Museum and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.